Healthy Eating - Mintikah English-Palmer MEP-007 MENTOR CORNER


September 1st, 2021

21 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Healthy Eating: Mintikah English-Palmer SIWIKE Podcast MEP 007 Mentor Corner

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Minti have a conversation about Healthy Eating. They talk about their healthy eating experiences, weight vs being healthy, junk food being cheaper than healthy food and much more. If you're someone looking to eat healthier or learn more about eating healthy, this is the perfect video for you!

We speak about:
00:54 - Not being a healthy eater growing up
04:26 - Concentrated and processed foods
05:28 - Plant based
06:50 - Weight vs being healthy
10:35 - Buying the right foods
12:09 - Diets vs Eating better
13:16 - Intermittent fasting
16:05 - Junk food being cheaper than healthy food

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