Staying Safe in COVID - Eram Chhogala EC-008 MENTOR CORNER


August 31st, 2021

22 mins 8 secs

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Staying Safe in COVID: Eram Chhogala SIWIKE Podcast EC 008 Mentor Corner

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Eram have a conversation about Staying Safe in COVID. They talk about tips to stay safe, getting vaccinated, how we can move forward and much more. If you're someone looking for ways to stay safe during COVID, this is the perfect video for you!

We speak about:
01:16 - Tips to stay safe
01:47 - Droplet vs airborne disease
03:26 - Risk mitigation
04:34 - Getting vaccinated
07:25 - How the COVID experience has changed us
08:30 - SARS and Ebola
10:50 - Health care professionals feeling burned out
15:38 - How we can move forward?
17:23 - Avoiding large crowds
17:43 - Variants

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