Your guide to Physical Health - Nutrition, sleep and exercise - Mintikah English-Palmer MEP-003 MENTOR CORNER


May 18th, 2021

28 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

Minti and I talk about physical health. We dive into Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise.

We dive into:
01:07 Minti starting her weight loss journey on YouTube channel
(watch the first episode here

01:45 Got into health and fitness at young age

02:20 Lost it in high school

02:29 Got active again in university Freshman 15

03:25 COVID helped her get more active

03:57 Luki as a Scrawny kid growing up

05:26 Let's talk about nutrition!

05:36 Tried keto

06:05 Wants to become vegan

06:27 Mainly eating real foods

08:55 Psychology of eating

09:24 Humans can go weeks without food

11:35 Drink water first thing in the morning

12:07 If you feel hungry drink water. Hunger mistaken for thirst + other nutrition suggestions

12:38 Let's talk about sleep!

12:51 7 hours of sleep daily

13:52 Prided self for getting little sleep

14:05 Black out liners

14:59 Quality of sleep vs quantity + other sleep suggestions

18:01 Let's talk about exercise!

18:44 Strength training exercises

20:08 Bodyweight exercises

21:04 TUT Time under tension

22:04 Weight vs Muscle

22:40 You can't out work your mouth

26:26 Focus on nutrition first. Can't out work a bad diet

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Watch the episode here

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