Growing into the priesthood then coming out of the closet and evolving as a human - Brian Bachand BB-001 MENTOR CORNER


May 13th, 2021

47 mins 24 secs

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On this episode, we are joined by Brian Bachand.
Brian is a priest turned chief evolution officer who has started a career coaching company "evolutionevolution"
that helps individuals evolve within their professional and personal lives. #SIWIKE #careercoach #careerpodcast

He speaks about:

00:49 His company Evolution evolution
02:05 Brian as a kid
06:03 First time in New York
07:52 Grew up catholic
09:21 Desire to think about priesthood
11:55 Parents were supportive
16:06 Loved being in the mid-west
17:03 Friends suggested he should become a priest
19:55 Lots of synchronicities
22:34 Family can have an impact
25:08 Got sent to a parish
27:21 Where you are is where you need to be
34:45 What do you desire?
39:16 Fundraising and philanthropy
41:05 His SIWIKE

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