HR Human resources 101 - Nora Zayed NZ-004 MENTOR CORNER


May 12th, 2021

37 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Nora and I dive into HR to talk about some of the domain areas. #SIWIKE #humanresources #hr101

We speak about

03:21 Recruiting and Talent acquisition

05:53 1 HR practitioner for every 100 or so employees

08:40 Recruitment as a competitive role that mimics sales cycle

09:35 External agency vs internal recruiting

13:09 Compensation and pay, Payroll/Benefits/Labor relations

15:07 HR generalist roles

18:57 Different areas play to people's preferences
Compensation = numbers person
HR reporting = analytical person (internal projects, data, research)
Labor relations = enjoys negotiations

20:12 Learning and Development: Teacher who doesn't want to become a teacher

24:48 HR Tech/HRIS Tech department within HR

25:51 Business partner vs generalist

28:33 Post-secondary doesn't teach you how to job search. More How to review resumes in equitable way

32:08 HRPA for Ontario: Different chapters

33:51 HR people are really friendly

35:32 Startup vs large organizations

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