Architecture, Anxiety and Mindset - Danny Tseng DT-001 MENTOR CORNER


October 4th, 2021

39 mins 15 secs

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Architecture, Anxiety and Mindset: Danny Tseng SIWIKE Podcast DT 001 Mentor Corner

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Danny have a conversation about Architecture, Anxiety and Mindset. Danny is the co-founder of Syllable Inc. Syllable Inc is a solution-driven architecture and interior design firm that focusing on helping individuals maximize the full potential of any space (

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01:26 - Danny as a kid
02:36 - Becoming interested in design and architecture
05:11 - Stepping into first house he designed
08:52 - His experience as an immigrant to Canada
09:19 - Going out every night to network
12:44 - Feeling the fear and doing it anyways
15:07 - Meeting his business partner at an event
18:37 - Learning better from doing
21:09 - Networking
27:43 - Giving people the ability to shine
31:31 - His SIWIKE