Growing Up Against The Grain - Maliha Omar MO-001 MENTOR CORNER


October 11th, 2021

2 mins 7 secs

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On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Maliha have a conversation about Growing Up Against The Grain. Maliha is a Project Manager and Content Creator. In this conversation, Luki and Maliha talk about Maliha as a kid growing up in Kenya, not wanting to follow the same route as girls in her community, and her struggle to find a job after graduation. They also share some useful tips for anyone struggling to find a job.

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01:27 - Maliha as a kid
02:13 - Her love for education and studying
04:24 - Seeing what girls go through in the community
05:34 - Wanting to be a role model for others
08:10 - Her mom supporting her decisions
09:24 - How she choose what to study?
13:55 - Struggling to get a job after graduation
18:22 - Her SIWIKE: Don't worry, Make friends and Network