Dealing with Discomfort Mike Santeusanio - SIWIKE Podcast MS-002 Mentor Corner


September 28th, 2022

29 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

Discomfort is a part of life. In this episode of the SIWIKE Podcast, Mike Santeusanio shares how to deal with discomfort and live a comfortable life.

Mike Santeusanio is a corporate trainer and the founder of Train Your Minds ( Train Your Minds is an organization that provides corporate workshops to help in managing your mind in the workplace.
Mike shares tips and techniques that will help you deal with discomfort and live a more comfortable life.

We speak about:
0:26 Discussions about discomfort
1:20 Story of discomfort
2:18 Local dogs start chasing him!
4:30 Physical discomfort
5:18 Mental discomfort
7:14 Discomfort as a growth opportunity
9:20 Long and winding road of obstacles
10:34 Deal with it (discomfort) more effectively and bounce back
12:46 Glass half full not the glass half empty
13:23 Parable of the 2nd arrow
16:45 Positivity vs Optimism
18:16 Focusing more on the opportunities that
will help you go to where you want
19:50 Discomfort in the mind when we start working worrying about the uncontrollable
22:33 STFAR
25: 26 Taking a step back each morning, taking a few minutes to breathe
26:32 Shift that balance of power with regard to the mental real estate
28:07 Anything can be good or bad depending on the context and the perspective you take

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