Managing as a Young Leader - Starting Out - Bianca Marryshow Carly Basian BMCB 001 MENTOR CORNER


September 21st, 2021

30 mins 56 secs

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Managing as a Young Leader - Starting Out: Bianca Marryshow Carly Basian SIWIKE Podcast BMCB 001A

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki is joined by Bianca Marryshow and Carly Basian to discuss Managing as a Young Leader. Bianca and Carly are both Higher Education Professionals and Leadership Consultants. In this conversation, they talk about their interest in leadership, what leadership means to them, their biggest learning curves and much more.

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01:02 - Carly and her interest in leadership
03:04 - Bianca and her interest in leadership
09:49 - What leadership means to them
11:00 - Servant leadership
13:00 - Being a manager doesn't determine a leader
15:07 - Helping others develop that power within them
20:07 - Having to learn on your own
21:17 - The biggest learning curves
26:37 - Their SIWIKE: Mindfulness, Taking opportunities