Carly Basian

Special guest

I coach people leaders to transform their teams.

On a micro level, I am skilled at finding what makes a person thrive. On a macro level, I know how to help teams take their work to the next level through team-building, radical honesty, and finding their shared purpose.

To truly solve problems, you need the right stakeholders at the table. Far too often, I see teams that do not truly understand the problem that they are trying to solve. By building relationships across an organization, I am able to bring diverse stakeholders together so that we can identify the right problems and then find practical solutions.

As the manager of Student Financial Assistance at Ryerson University, I am responsible for the disbursement of more than $200,000,000 annually and lead one of the largest teams in the Registrar’s Office.

As the University Chair of the Ontario Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, I advocate for financial aid policy improvements on behalf of more than 400,000 post-secondary students. I am the bridge between senior leadership at the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (Student Financial Assistance Branch) and all Ontario post-secondary institutions.

I’m a lifelong learner. I have a Masters of Teaching, a certificate in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Psychology,

If you’re interested in chatting about leadership or higher education, feel free to send me a LinkedIn message or email me at I’d love to connect!

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