Developing a successful mindset - Dylan Nadler DN-001


December 13th, 2022

33 mins 2 secs

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Dylan Adler is the founder of Mind Lock, a company that focuses on mental training for athletes. He discussed his background in taekwondo and psychology, how he started his company, and some of his experiences growing up as an athletic and competitive child. He also shared his advice on how to improve performance in sports or business by documenting progress, setting goals, and being persistent while also knowing when to move on. He emphasized the importance of organizing and structuring work early on to avoid bad habits and ensure that a system is in place when it is needed.

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:19 Growing up
0:05:31 Committing to Taekwondo
0:08:41 Balancing School and Taekwondo
0:11:21 Taekwondo Accomplishments
0:13:32 Journey After Winning
0:17:34 Moving on as a Competitor and forming MindLock
0:20:25 Surpassing the 8th Grade Dream
0:22:07 Improving your Mental Game
0:23:25 Collect the Dots to Connect the Dots
0:24:14 SIWIKE
0:30:00 Contact and Aspirations

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