Geeky theatre kid to handling Google mega accounts - Dan Marquez DM-001


December 6th, 2022

42 mins 47 secs

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In this episode, Dan Marquez and Luki speak about Dan's background in as a geeky theatre kid, is progress into engineering, consulting, then into supporting Google's mega accounts.

1:37 Theater kid - High school + U of T Engineering theater
2:12 Directed theatre for four years
2:41 Surrounded by successful people as engineers
3:53 Science kid = shy and introverted; Theater = outgoing
4:20 Faulty assumption
5:06 Take a giant problem and tear it down into smaller parts
6:38 A lot of kids get scared by math and science
7:47 There's no such thing as problems only puzzles to be solved"
9:05 One of the most junior people that seem to have like a lot of senior connections
12:12 Strive to be the person that is opening the door for discussion
14:20 Dad planted the seeds of engineering early
16:34 Realized Engineering Science wasn't for me - Enjoyed Industrial Engineering
18:55 Wary of consulting
19:14 Some people say that consulting is really good
25:23 Deloitte - Meet a lot of really excellent people
25:42 Gave access to all of learning
26:25 Approached by Accenture - Big push to scale up digital strategy practice
27:39 Innovation fellowship
28:16 Decided I needed another change
29:08 Highest potential for growth was at BCG
30:09 Then Google came calling
31:32 SIWIKE Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier
32:07 Ten things I know now that you should know too
33:12 Style is more important than substance - It's not to say that substance doesn't matter - Something great that is that is poorly communicated will always die on the vine
35:13 Culture is so much more important than you think!
36:44 Decision making is so much more important than i think people appreciate

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