Episode 005

Physical Health - Foundations [LIFE]


April 6th, 2020

8 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Take care of your health and you can go far. Ignore it and you might find (potentially unnecessary) challenges later.
Suppose you were to take a cross country road trip. Only for them to tell you that they've given you a 20 year old car. Now you can take a look at some classic automobiles that could be decades old and still "purr like a kitten" as they say. Others you can see their wear and tear after a few years. How have you been taking care of your vehicle for life? Your body.

Health comes in many forms. Physical health is often the first that comes to mind. Eating right. Exercising. Sleep. Those are the three we put at the forefront of physical health.
The basics of eating right: eat "real food". Ones where you know where it came from where the answer isn't a factory. Ones that come from the fridge, not the pantry (imagine what they put in the food to allow it to sit on the shelf for years).
The basics of exercising: get movement into your day consistently and daily.
The basics of sleep: quality then quantity. Screen and caffeine curfews. Evening routines. Black out curtains.

All of these factors reinforce each other. If you get these right then you'll be able to tackle your career's and life's most interesting challenges in full force!

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