Episode 001

Introduction - About me, my mission and what you can look forward to for the podcast

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About this Episode

SIWIKE "Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier" the podcast. The podcast that shares what you didn't know you needed to know about jobs, careers, and life.

Hosted by Luki Danukarjanto: a computer scientist turned management consultant turned entrepreneur/educator. He walks you through his journey so you can understand where the SIWIKE comes from so all of his insights come from his experience.

  • former campus recruiter and talent lead --> first hand knowledge of the process
  • former management consultant --> lots of real-world career experience
  • life-long- learner --> he continually consumes books, podcasts and other content to share with you, and how he relates them all together

He has a bunch of goals that point to the types of topics you might hear on future shows:

  • to weave mentorship into the fabric of society (starting by making Toronto the mentorship capital of the world: topics like how to network, empathy, emotional intelligence, etc.)
  • elevate education (teaching soft-skills to complement the hard-skills from school: topics like learning to learn, time management, effective communication, etc.)
  • to positively impact a billion people (or at least as many as he can: topics like understanding your purpose, finding fulfillment, etc.)

Credits to https://www.instagram.com/lincolnalexanderthe2nd/ for the theme music

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