Episode 002

Self-Service Career Coaching with FI-A: FOCUS Inspired Approach [LIFE]


April 6th, 2020

7 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

To get you started on your journey to discover the SIWIKE "Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier", we start with the FI-A FOCUS inspired approach. A simple 3 step career coaching framework to unlock your career potential.
FI-A starts with WHAT (do you want) then goes to WHY (do you want it), then finally to HOW (do you get it).
While each step has a lot more layers, even starting the process can have profound effects.

Have you actually taken the time to ask WHAT do you want? If you don't know what you want, how do you figure it out?
When you know WHAT you want, the next step for driven motivation is to understand WHY.
Then when you know WHAT and WHY, the HOW usually presents itself (though we share tools to make that approach easier).

Listen to a high-level overview of FI-A to start your learning about SIWIKE.

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