How to be kind to yourself - Self-Love - Mintikah English-Palmer MEP-002 MENTOR CORNER


April 29th, 2021

19 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Mintikah and I chat about self-love. Not the narcissistic kind, but the kind where you accept yourself for who you are and not want to constantly change yourself.

We talk about:
00:57 An appreciation of one's own worth

02:09 Being very insecure and getting bullied for acne

03:55 Using humour as a way to suppress inner feelings

05:42 Surrounded by people who appreciated her

07:40 Turn flaws into a positive

10:59 Don't dwell too much on insecurities and the thoughts in your head

11:52 SIWIKE like Journaling, working out, meditating, etc.

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