Engineering, Business and Consulting - Ian Xiao IX-001 MENTOR CORNER


October 1st, 2021

47 mins 27 secs

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Engineering, Business and Consulting: Ian Xiao - SIWIKE Podcast IX-001 Mentor Corner.

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, I am joined by Ian Xiao. Ian is a manager at a consulting firm.

He speaks about:
0:49 - Being an immigrant from China
01:17 - Being a happy kid wanting to be a fighter jet pilot
02:38 - His experience taking the Gaokao exam
05:58 - Speaking English being a challenge
07:45 - Becoming the first engineer in his family
13:05 - Not considering becoming a consultant
14:57 - Moving into business focused roles
17:23 - His interest in startups
18:30 - The importance of planning your job search early
20:01 - Choice of offer was a salary decision
26:01 - His curiosity about life outside of Toronto
28:24 - Getting recruited by hedge fund
34:29 - The power of staying connected with your network
36:15 - His experience working at Deloitte
38:30 - Business analytics bootcamp
40:46 - His SIWIKE

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