Tech, Product, Startup - David Jorjani DJOR-001 MENTOR CORNER


July 22nd, 2021

40 mins 17 secs

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Tech, Product, Startup: David Jorjani - SIWIKE Podcast DJOR 001 Mentor Corner.

On this episode of the SIWIKE Podcast, Luki and David discuss Tech, Product and Startups. David is a director of product and a university instructor.

We chat about:
01:39 - David as a kid
02:27 - His love for computer games
03:47 - Being defined by his intelligence
06:00 - How playing video games helped him learn English
08:21 - His love for engineering
10:13 - Computers and IT
13:41 - His struggle to learn the local language
22:06 - Startups being a place to learn
25:21 - The coaching and mentoring of a manager
32:12 - Wanting to make university meaningful for students
35:50 - How reaching out to his network landed him a job at Ideal
37:19 - His SIWIKE

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