David Jorjani

Special guest

Building and leading diverse product, software, and data teams in fast-paced environments is my thing. I love developing people and building impactful products. Growth, challenges, continuous learning, and variety in such roles energize me.

Currently, I'm leading product (and engineering) at Sayge where we aspire to empower millions to reach their full potential.

I also help other young professionals and entrepreneurs get results in these areas through coaching, advising, training, and mentoring.

Thanks to the efforts of countless students at the University of Toronto and hundreds of partners worldwide, we have made many initiatives possible, touching millions of lives across the globe from Harvard Medical School to rural areas of Kenya. For more details on how to bring your initiative to life, see https://bit.ly/3A5T64N or contact me.

Yes! I wear many hats, in case you didn't notice :)

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