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Episode Archive

211 episodes of SIWIKE “Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier”: the podcast since the first episode, which aired on April 6th, 2020.

  • How to become a leadership coach | Parm Chohan SIWIKE (PC-001)

    July 4th, 2023  |  33 mins 11 secs
    business, career change, career path, career transition, coaching, computer science, conquer leadership, ego management, faith, growth mindset, intentionality, interview, john maxwell, kindness, leadership coaching, life lessons, parm, personal growth, podcast, professional development, self development, siwike

    Join us in this enlightening episode as we speak with Parm, a passionate leadership coach and a personal growth enthusiast. Parm discusses his intriguing journey from computer science to business and finally finding his calling in leadership coaching through a surprising catalyst—a video of a teenager discussing growth mindset. Dive into Parm's life lessons or "SIWIKE" (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier), where he shares insights on managing ego, being intentional about life choices, the importance of faith as an anchor, and the transformative power of kindness. Parm also shares his future aspirations, ongoing projects, and invites listeners to connect with him for further discussion. Don't miss this episode packed with insights about personal growth, career transitions, and the power of intentionality.

  • How volunteering and giving landed me a job - Lucky Osunbiyi | SIWIKE Podcast (LO-001)

    June 27th, 2023  |  36 mins 47 secs
    career advice, confidence, interview tips, job applications, job search, lucky osunbiyi, perseverance, personal growth, professional development, skill development, software development

    Join us as Lucky Osunbiyi shares his compelling journey from his early life in Nigeria to becoming a successful software developer in Canada. In this enlightening interview, Lucky discusses the importance of helping others, the power of confidence, and how he found success through relentless job applications and continual learning. Discover why job searching is a skill that needs to be honed and how perseverance and adaptation can open doors to success. Whether you're a student, a developer, or anyone seeking inspiration, Lucky's story offers invaluable insights into personal and professional development.

  • How to find your purpose with Mahima Lucille Klinge | SIWIKE Podcast (MLK-001)

    June 20th, 2023  |  42 mins 54 secs
    bliss, business relevance, emotional independence, financial freedom, fulfillment, joy, mahima lucille klinge, mahima mindset, meditation, mental health, mindfulness, personal growth, post covid world, self care, self discovery

    Join us in this deeply enriching conversation with Mahima Lucille Klinge, a celebrated mindfulness meditation expert, motivational speaker, and international best-selling author. In this episode, we delve into Mahima's inspirational journey towards self-discovery and her groundbreaking "Mahima Mindset" that has transformed countless lives around the world. She passionately shares her wisdom on how to attain financial and emotional independence, live in the power of the 'now', and cultivate inner joy and peace. We also discuss the importance of daily self-care routines, understanding the post-COVID world, and how businesses can stay relevant in these challenging times. This episode is a must-watch for anyone seeking personal growth, better mental health, and a life filled with joy, bliss, and fulfillment.

  • How to start your career in Canada | Miguel Abascal SIWIKE (MA-001)

    June 13th, 2023  |  39 mins 33 secs
    careeradvice, careercoach, careerjourney, immigrantstory, inspirationstory, lifelessons, mentorship, miguelabascal, personalgrowth, podcast, successstory

    In this enlightening episode of our podcast, we delve into the personal and professional journey of Miguel Abascal. From his humble beginnings as a coffee server at Tim Hortons in Canada to becoming an influential career coach and mentor, Miguel's story is a testament to resilience and perseverance.

    Miguel opens up about his decision to leave behind a promising business opportunity in Mexico to pursue his dreams in Canada. Despite the challenges and doubts he faced, Miguel's unwavering commitment to his goals led him to the life he always dreamt about. His story serves as an inspirational beacon for everyone striving to make their dreams come true.

    Throughout the podcast, Miguel shares his insights about the importance of mentorship and learning from other people's mistakes. He also highlights the significance of finding the right life partner and giving back to the community. His unique perspective on success as being tied to significance and transcendence is truly thought-provoking.

    In the end, Miguel shares his future aspirations, striving to help more people on a larger scale through his involvement with 'Unstoppable Me' and 'Thrive Faster', two organizations committed to accelerating career progress.

    Connect with Miguel Abascal on LinkedIn

    and learn more about his work at and

  • Landing your first job | Rachelle De Muy SIWIKE (RDM-001)

    June 6th, 2023  |  29 mins 25 secs
    campus recruitment, career advice, career journey, consistency, deloitte canada, graduate employment, job hunting, job search strategy, linkedin, networking, persistence, personal branding, personal development, professional developmen, rachelle du muy, recruitment, success

    Join us in this episode as we chat with Rachelle Du Muy, a seasoned Campus Recruitment Lead at Deloitte Canada. Rachelle shares valuable insights from her own journey, highlighting the importance of strategic job hunting, the power of consistency, and the transformative role of perseverance in achieving career success. Whether you're a new graduate navigating the job market or a young professional looking for advice, this episode offers a wealth of inspiration and practical tips.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome when becoming a project manager | Nahian Alam SIWIKE (NA-001)

    May 31st, 2023  |  40 mins 19 secs
    career coaching, career journey, career transition, edtech, education, government jobs, imposter syndrome, lifelong learning, mba, mental health, personal development, project management

    Join us in this episode as Nahian, a seasoned project manager and career coach, shares his inspiring journey from studying psychology to project management and eventually branching out into career coaching. Nahian discusses the struggles he faced, including dealing with imposter syndrome and going against his parents' wishes to carve out his own unique career path. With a deep belief in the timing of life events and a relentless passion for lifelong learning, Nahian navigated his diverse career trajectory. He encourages listeners to be open to new experiences, to continually seek knowledge, and to appreciate the interconnectedness of various professional fields. Discover how letting go of control and adopting new perspectives can open up exciting career opportunities. Tune in to be inspired by Nahian's journey and gain valuable insights for your own career progression

  • Writing and publishing experiences from 2 authors Adam Rodricks | SWIKE Podcast (AR-002)

    May 24th, 2023  |  24 mins 12 secs
    adam, author, book writing, collaboration, inspiration, lessons learned, luki, personal branding, personal development, podcast, publishing, self-help, self-improvement, self-publishing, storytelling, writing, writing process, writing resources, writing tips

    Join our host Luki as he engages in a deep-dive conversation with Adam, a two-time author, about the fascinating and often challenging journey of book writing. They share invaluable insights from their experiences, discussing topics such as the inspiration behind their first books, the writing process, the impact of their words on their readers, and lessons learned along the way. Aspiring authors will find useful advice, from the importance of outlines to networking with published authors. Adam also teases his upcoming book, discussing the innovative ways he plans to take a different approach. Whether you're a budding writer or a seasoned author, this podcast offers a treasure trove of knowledge to help you navigate your writing journey.

  • What to do when you're rejected from your dream school | Rand Enaya SWIKE Podcast (RE-001)

    May 17th, 2023  |  35 mins 31 secs
    accounting, business, persistence, property management, tiktok

    Rand Enaya and I chat about what to do when you're rejected from your dream school!
    She is accounting and starting her own TikTok channel.

  • From Reading to Research: A master's with internships at Adobe, Roblox, and Meta | Cheryl Lao CL-001

    May 10th, 2023  |  30 mins 57 secs
    academic journey, adobe internship, career advice, cheryl lao, computer science masters, future aspirations, graduate studies, meta internship, networking in academia, research presentation, roblox internship, self-esteem in grad school, siwike, stem careers, university experience

    Join us in this fascinating conversation with Cheryl Lao, a Computer Science master's student, as she takes us through her academic journey and shares her experiences from interning at big companies such as Adobe, Roblox, and Meta. She provides insights into the process of conducting and presenting research at conferences, shares her future career aspirations, and imparts valuable advice she wishes she knew earlier in her academic journey. This discussion is a goldmine for anyone considering graduate studies in Computer Science or looking to make the most out of their academic and professional experiences.

  • Losing her voice to finding it again | Angela Purnama SWIKE (AP-001)

    May 3rd, 2023  |  35 mins 29 secs
    ai, angela purnama, asian excellence, career development, chatgpt, community, creativity, culture, entrepreneurship, luki danukarjanto, music, networking, personal development, podcast, record label, siwike, social media, symbio

    Join us in this enlightening episode of the SIWIKE Podcast where host Luki engages in a riveting conversation with Angela , the co-founder of Symbio, an emerging independent record label centered around celebrating Asian culture and excellence. Angela shares her inspiring journey, insights on following your passion, embracing personal identity, and the critical role of intuition. The conversation provides a deeper understanding of the motivation behind Symbio and the effort to foster a strong community of like-minded individuals.

    Angela also talks about leveraging technology and AI tools like ChatGPT in routine tasks and handling Symbio's operations. She shares her future aspirations and her learning journey as a young professional in the music industry.

    Whether you're a young professional, an aspiring artist, or someone who appreciates cultural representation and appreciation, this episode has wisdom for everyone.

  • Being patient with your ambitions and leveraging mentors

    April 26th, 2023  |  41 mins 40 secs
    academia to corporate, bell, business consulting, career advice, career planning, career transition, corporate career, corporate internship, education, government jobs, internship, job search, leadership development program, leadership roles, mba, mentorship, personal development, professional development, team management., walmart

    In this insightful podcast episode, host Luki chats with Shaan, a consultant at a leading global management consulting firm. They delve into Shaan's professional journey, the hurdles he encountered, and the strategies he deployed to navigate his career.

    Shaan imparts valuable lessons about applying to internships, harnessing the power of mentorship, making the shift into the corporate world, and making informed career decisions. If you're a student or a young professional preparing to step into the corporate realm, this episode will provide practical advice on setting up your career trajectory, planning your future, and excelling in the corporate ecosystem.

    Tune in as Shaan highlights the importance of opportunities like internships, mentorships, and pursuing an MBA in enhancing your professional development.

  • Journalism Foodie to the White House and not for profits | Ayanna Lott-Pollard SWIKE (ALP-001)

    April 19th, 2023  |  39 mins 32 secs
    ayanna lott, business, career advice, career journey, career transition, community service, confidence, empowerment, journalism, leadership, life challenges, life lessons, mentorship, persistence, personal growth, personal vision, resilience, siwike

    Join us for an empowering episode of the SIWIKE Podcast with Ayanna Lott, a dynamic leader, coach, and communicator who has journeyed from the field of journalism to empowering emerging leaders. Ayanna's story is one of resilience and determination, overcoming personal losses and career challenges to forge a successful path in business and community service. She discusses the importance of mentorship, personal vision, and staying teachable throughout your career journey. Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking for guidance, or seeking inspiration, Ayanna's journey is sure to resonate and inspire.

  • How to land your first tech job, Startups and writing on Medium | Richard Luo SWIKE(RL-001)

    April 12th, 2023  |  37 mins 34 secs
    aspire, career advice, career development, career growth, career journey, career planning, computer science, leadership, mentorship, personal development, proactivity, richard luo, software engineering, startups, tech industry, technology

    Join us in this inspiring episode as Richard Luo, a proficient software engineer currently working at Aspire, shares his unique career journey, the lessons he learned, and the wisdom he wishes he knew earlier. Richard dives into his humble beginnings, the transformational experiences he encountered while working in various tech roles, and how he's striving to make a significant impact at Aspire. He discusses the importance of mentorship, the value of having a clear plan, understanding the reason behind what you're doing, and the necessity of being proactive in shaping your career trajectory. Don't miss this episode if you're seeking valuable insights to navigate your career in tech!

  • How to be better - the importance of mental training in sports and business | Dylan Nadler (DN-002)

    April 5th, 2023  |  35 mins 16 secs
    business, competitiveedge, emotionalintelligence, mentaltoughness, mentaltraining, mindset, personaldevelopment, productivity, selfawareness, tech

    In this episode, we delve deep into the transformative power of mental training with Dylan , a seasoned expert in mental toughness training for the business and tech world. We explore the significant role of journaling, self-awareness, and understanding emotions in personal growth and productivity. Dylan breaks down the misconception that mental training is only for those struggling with issues; he emphasizes that even individuals with a high baseline of mental toughness can benefit immensely from structured mental training.

    We discuss how mental training can be likened to physical training, requiring regular practice and consistent commitment for optimal results. Dylan also highlights the competitive edge that mental training can provide, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to continually improve, irrespective of their current skill level.

    If you're interested in personal development, mental toughness, or seeking ways to optimize your productivity and self-understanding, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice.

  • Shy extravert finding mentors and empowering with Whitly Theriault SWIKE Podcast (WT-001)

    March 29th, 2023  |  36 mins 33 secs
    coach, empowerment, inspiration, mindset, overcoming adversity, personal growth, positive thinking, self-discovery, self-doubt, siwike, speaker, success, visualization, women's support network

    Join host Luki Danukarjanto as he interviews Whitly , a speaker, coach, and founder of a women's support network. Whitly shares her inspiring journey, from overcoming adversity and self-doubt to discovering her passion for helping others achieve their dreams. She discusses the power of a strong support network, the importance of visualization and positive thinking, and the impact of mindset on creating a fulfilling life. Tune in to gain insights and valuable SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) advice that can help you navigate your own journey towards self-discovery and success.

  • Conversations: The importance of Consistency with Brian Yang SWIKE Podcast (BY-003)

    March 22nd, 2023  |  38 mins 1 sec
    career success, consistency, goal setting, habits, intentional living, life improvement, mindset, motivation, overcoming challenges, personal development, personal growth, productivity, self-discipline, self-improvement, work-life balance

    In this insightful video, we dive deep into the concept of consistency and its impact on various aspects of life, from personal growth to career success. Discover how embracing consistency can lead to improved performance, better relationships, and overall well-being. Learn about the importance of intentionality, the seasonal nature of consistency, and tips for staying consistent even during challenging times. Don't miss out on these valuable insights that can help you unlock your full potential!