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On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki is joined by fellow authors Tiffany, Paulson, David and Shalini to discuss the Young Professionals Edition of the SIWIKE Podcast Book. In this conversation, all five authors share a little bit about their career and life backgrounds while also sharing how the Young Professionals Edition of the SIWIKE Podcast Book came about. They also provide some useful SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) advice for young professionals.

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00:43 - Intro
02:37 - Tiffany Uman and her background in career strategy coaching
04:13 - Doubting ourselves and our own value
05:19- Paulson Ong and his background in financial advisory
06:47 - Compiling a good financial checklist
07:25 - David Catallo and his background in corporate health & wellness
08:25 - Personal health, sleep and exercise
09:59 - Shalini Nagrani and her background in project management
and mental health & wellness
11:09 - Mental health and wellness

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