Acing job interviews - Nora Zayed NZ-006 MENTOR CORNER


September 13th, 2021

31 mins 22 secs

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Acing job interviews: Nora Zayed SIWIKE Podcast NZ 006 Mentor Corner

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Nora discuss 'Acing job interviews.' They share some of their interview experiences, myths and misconceptions and interview "pet peeves." They also provide some very useful interview tips and advice for anyone looking to improve their interviewing skills.

We speak about:
00:56 - Interview experiences
02:40 - The importance of networking
03:20 - How to effectively prepare for an interview
05:41 - The 'Tell me about yourself' question
06:59 - Myths and misconceptions
08:59 - Mindset
09:33 - Interviews as mutual discussions
11:17 - Researching the company you're applying to
14:22 - How interviews have changed during COVID
19:06 - Interview "pet peeves"
22:45 - The salary discussion
24:11 - Bringing a portfolio of your work
29:00 - Preparation is key

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