What you should know about New Grad and Coop Recruiting programs - Nora Zayed NZ-002 MENTOR CORNER


March 17th, 2021

33 mins 8 secs

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Mentor corner
Nora and I chat about hiring for coop/internship and new grad programs.
We walk through some of the timings and considerations for coop and new grad programs, as well as the types and number of interviews.
We chat some of the resume debates (1 or 2 page, summary of objectives, fonts, etc), plus get into some of what else you can do to help your resume stand out.

Nora is a HRBP Human Resources Business Partner at Enbridge
She has background and experience with recruiting across the Energy sector
She is passionate about HR technology as well as Diversity and Inclusion

Listen to the episode for more details!
Watch the episode here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQR9rFRfg0Y

Episode 1: https://siwike.fireside.fm/MENTOR-NZ001

Watch the first episode here https://youtu.be/M-xnHZq8cLM

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