The challenges of switching from accounting to law - Deron Fung DF-001 MENTOR CORNER


April 6th, 2021

44 mins 15 secs

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Deron is a corporate lawyer in private practice.

He shares some of the challenges from switching from accounting in his undergrad.

02:28 How he became interested in accounting and choice of "mathy" careers after not being interested in the science path

07:43 How law came afterwards as he didn't have many lawyer role models growing up

09:38 Choosing his undergrad wanting work experience from coop and finishing the program early

14:10 Landing his coop term largely through attending a conference

20:47 Doing his CPA.

21:00 Then moving from business to law school and the difference between the CPA exams and LSAT

24:09 Doing poorly on his first practice LSAT and thinking he wouldn't continue as a lawyer

25:05 Applying to Ontario law schools

26:59 Experiencing imposter syndrome in law school

30:24 Law firm hiring processes.

35:00 Matching areas of interest when getting into law full time

38:05 His SIWIKE

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