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June 27th, 2021

40 mins 12 secs

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Psychology, Parenthood, Accounting and Coaching: Alena Sviderskaia SIWIKE Podcast AS 001.

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and Alena discuss Psychology, Parenthood, Accounting and Coaching. Alena is a leadership coach who helps organizations turn managers into people leaders. She shares her journey from accounting to getting her psychology degree to become a therapist leading her to discover her passion for leadership coaching.

We speak about:
01:25 - Getting a psychology degree to become a therapist
02:16 - Her 11 year accounting career
02:32 - Alena as a kid and her love for reading books
06:18 - Wanting a career that allowed her to talk to people
07:39 - Both parents being engineers
09:47 - Being pregnant with twins in her last year
16:12 - University professor suggesting she would make a good CPA
19:03 - Her realization that accounting was not the career for her
22:21 - The transition from a big firm to small firm
26:36 - Feeling like there was a misalignment in her career
27:45 - Wanting to take someone average to high
32:53 - Using her skills to help leaders
33:18 - Her SIWIKE

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