Self-esteem and Confidence: Angela Chung - SIWIKE Podcast AC-002 Mentor Corner


July 22nd, 2022

34 mins 34 secs

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Self-esteem and Confidence: Angela Chung - SIWIKE Podcast AC 002 Mentor Corner.

On this episode of the SIWIKE Podcast, Angela and I speak about Self-esteem and confidence. We share our struggles growing up with low self-esteem and how we overcame it.

We speak about:
01:29 - Angela feeling like she couldn't do anything
03:41 - Pressures from Traditional Taiwanese/Chinese family
06:40 - Having to do well in school
08:44 - It all being in your head
09:18 - Practicing how to communicate with others
14:25 - Learning the importance and power of a smile
16:54 - Struggling with self-consciousness
18:29 - Self-consciousness and social media
20:31 - Realizing that you can't please everyone
22:34 - Reflecting on what you can improve
25:09 - How giving out compliments boosts confidence
26:48 - Being interested and curious
28:08 - Alcohol and self-consciousness
31:57 - Recognizing what you can and can't change

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