Anthropology, sales, and the family business Anita Agrawal AA-001 MENTOR CORNER


May 20th, 2021

37 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, I am joined by Anita Agrawal. Anita runs a successful gemstone jewelry company with her mother called Jewels4Ever.

She speaks about:
00:33 - Her company Jewels4Ever
01:23 - Anita as a kid
02:59 - Going from shy to outspoken
08:47 - Parents wanting her to be a doctor
11:33 - Being first wholesale business with fully functional website
14:43 - Leaving company briefly due to a disagreement with her Dad
15:14 - Doing her masters in anthropology
16:46 - Always having a side hustle
20:39 - Her curiosity about teaching
22:41 - The importance of networking
24:00 - Her first teaching experience
25:52 - Anthropology background
27:42 - Developing useful skills that helped with her career
32:31 - Not getting position originally applied but being offered chair of board
34:06 - Her SIWIIKE

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