How to start your career in Canada | Miguel Abascal SIWIKE (MA-002)


December 26th, 2023

41 mins 22 secs

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🔍 Unlocking the Power of Networking: Informative Conversations and Coffee Chats ft. Luki & Miguel 🤝

Join the insightful discussion between Luki and Miguel as they delve into the art of informational interviews, coffee chats, and curiosity conversations. In this engaging dialogue, discover the keys to effective networking and relationship-building, both in professional and personal contexts.

🌐 Key Takeaways:

🌐Learn how to make the most out of informational interviews by shifting the focus to serving and understanding the other person's needs.
🌐Uncover the secrets to successful coffee chats and curiosity conversations that go beyond formalities.
🌐Explore practical tips for active listening and tailoring your approach based on the other person's preferences.

🚀 Networking Mastery Unveiled:
Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, this conversation provides invaluable insights into building meaningful connections. Hear real-life examples, anecdotes, and actionable advice that can elevate your networking game to new heights.

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0:05 - Introduction
5:12 - Importance of Coffee Chats
12:45 - The Art of Curiosity Conversations
20:30 - Tailoring Your Approach
30:15 - Building Relationships Beyond Formalities
39:41 - Reflecting on the Conversation
40:44 - Expressing Gratitude
25:41 - Miguel's Personal Story
15:20 - Tips for Active Listening
35:58 - The Power of Intentions

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