Recover from bullying - and transform into a life of success | SIWIKE Podcast | James Elliot(JE-001)


October 3rd, 2023

43 mins 56 secs

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Join Luki in this enlightening episode as he engages with James Elliot, a renowned expert in personal development and career growth, to explore the invaluable insights and SIWIKE (Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier) principles that have transformed lives globally.

In this dialogue, Luki and James delve deep into the essence of career advancement, personal growth, and the pivotal SIWIKE concepts that every aspiring individual should grasp early in their journey. Whether you're a student stepping into the professional realm, an entrepreneur aiming for the stars, or a professional seeking significant up-leveling, this episode is laden with nuggets of wisdom that are instrumental for anyone looking to unleash their potential and navigate through their career path with confidence and clarity.

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0:00 Intro
1:21 James as a Kid
06:10 Overcoming Bullying
12:22 Turning Point
18:29 Coaching Process and Paying for Your Dreams
24:59 First Client
28:52 Target Audience
34:11 SIWIKE
41:07 Reach Out to James

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