Valerie Le

Special guest

Valerie is a Career Development Practitioner and skilled program coordinator passionate about coaching young people along their career paths with confidence. Since 2018, Valerie has helped hundreds of young job seekers from various walks of life accelerate their career success with work that is aligned with their authentic selves through helping clients identify and embrace their unique skills, talents, and zones of genius.

Through providing customized coaching, presentations and workshops that help participants identify, hone and own their unique skills, strengths and stories, she helps youth, new grads and young professionals in their 20s and 30s in periods of transition build their confidence so they can thrive in purposeful careers that are aligned with what they love.

A graduate of the University of Toronto where she earned her BA in Women and Gender Studies, she is passionate about social justice and helping young professionals, new graduates and youth facing barriers to employment with greater opportunities to expand their horizons and lead way to greater possibilities through personal and professional development.

Beyond career development, Valerie helps young people transform their lives by skillfully facilitating life-changing mindset shifts with warmth and compassion, turning self-doubt into self-confidence.

Valerie Le has been a guest on 2 episodes.