From Reading to Research: A master's with internships at Adobe, Roblox, and Meta | Cheryl Lao CL-001


May 10th, 2023

30 mins 57 secs

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Join us in this fascinating conversation with Cheryl Lao, a Computer Science master's student, as she takes us through her academic journey and shares her experiences from interning at big companies such as Adobe, Roblox, and Meta. She provides insights into the process of conducting and presenting research at conferences, shares her future career aspirations, and imparts valuable advice she wishes she knew earlier in her academic journey. This discussion is a goldmine for anyone considering graduate studies in Computer Science or looking to make the most out of their academic and professional experiences.

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0:00:00 Intro
01:02:00 Cheryl as a Kid
06:02:00 Affinity to Art, Animation, and Tools
09:38:00 Experience with Computer Science
12:51:00 Internships
16:41:00 Masters and More Internships
23:18:00 Traveling and SIWIKE
27:43:00 Future Aspirations and Contact

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