Small Town, to online Fitness Entrepreneur Alicia Kacho - SIWIKE Podcast AK-001 Mentor Corner


November 16th, 2022

28 mins 13 secs

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Alicia is an online fitness coach who helps busy working professionals prioritize their health and wellness. she mentions that she struggled with balancing fitness and work in the past and that she was an athletic kid with undiagnosed ADHD. Sports was helpful to her during school, and her parents were supportive of her sports pursuits. she played volleyball. She decided to pursue a diploma in personal training but found that it wasn't necessary for success in the field.

She gained clients by prospecting and offering free consultations while working at a gym. Eventually, she took time off from in-person training and started a full-time job before starting their own business. Now, Alicia takes a personalized approach with clients, creating custom plans and offering a training app for their clients.

0:00 Intro
09:48 Overcoming depression with exercise
11:58 Finding the 'fitness' fit
13:08 SIWIKE part 1
14:13 Finding clients
15:18 Life during Covid
17:05 Transition to online training
18:08 Leap of faith
19:48 Personalize online fitness training
22:18 SIWIKE part 2
25:46 Comparisons
26:18 Where to find Alicia and future plans

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