Questioning everything, telemarketing and sales - Mike Santeusanio MS-001 MENTOR CORNER


May 19th, 2021

41 mins 7 secs

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On this episode, I am joined by Mike Santeusanio. Mike is a corporate trainer and the founder of Train Your Minds.
Train Your Minds is an organization that provides corporate workshops to help in managing your mind in the workplace.

He speaks about:
00:55 - Being a pain in the butt as a kid
01:37 - Always questioning everything
05:05 - Discovering telemarketing during the boom in the late 90s
06:48 - His experience in the military
13:38 - Getting the opportunity to leave the country
16:16 - Sales becoming a big part of his life
18:07 - Being very sad and depressed
20:11 - His first revelation
22:27 - Cultivating a more mindful presence
25:09 - His motto "Be happy, do good"
27:06 - Working and bettering himself
29:54 - His SIWIKE
31:12 - Work life balance
34:04 - Wishing he knew more about mindfulness

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