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October 26th, 2022

28 mins 37 secs

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In this episode, Jubee Vilceus and Luki talk about his journey from being a build and wannabe architect to now helping others break into IT.

0:27 Managing partner of Yellow Tail tech

2:24 Convinced he was not smart
4:30 Convinced he'd be an architect
5:30 Slow transition into realizing not being the stupid kid
6:35 Didn't get accepted in Architectural program in University of Montreal
8:37 University of Maryland had Management Information Systems
9:50 Stumbled on Linux
15:49 Struggles after graduation
18:05 Trains 'snipers' for very specific missions
20:00 No IT background - Blank canvas
23:15 SIWIKE
23:20 Look for mentors
24:37 Upgrade your mistakes
25:20 Get into IT for the right reasons
26:30 Future Aspirations

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