How to Get a Job as a Nurse - Eram Chhogala EC-007 MENTOR CORNER


August 25th, 2021

49 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Eram and I speak about the process to get a job as a nurse. After graduating you need to complete your NCLEX exam before you get through the hiring process.

We chat about:
00:48 - Typical job hunt process for nurse
04:12 - NCLEX - National Council Licensing Exam
14:21 - Prep materials and important items for the exam
17:04 - Giving yourself a few months to study and how practice questions are key
20:32 - Normal job search sites and Hospital websites
23:25 - Where are you licensed
31:40 - Requirements: Graduate degree, Professional certifications and licenses, Volunteering
34:59 - Basic questions, dress code
40:28 - Interview exams and Clinical scenarios
42:46 - Current nurses and Alumni as excellent resources

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