Steve Joordens

Special guest

I teach Introduction to Psychology and am the Director the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab ( at the University of Toronto. Our goal in the lab is to create and assess educational technologies that have research proved effects while being easy to use. Our technologies focus on the development of core cognitive skills like critical thought, and our most used technology, peerScholar, is now used the world over (see I teach both within my university, and as a Gates-sponsored Massive Open Online Course on

My teaching has been recognized by a number of awards including a Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award, a President's Teaching Award, and twice making the final round of TVOs Best Lecturer competition. Two of my awards are national level, the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and, most recently, the Canadian Post-Secondary #EdTech Leader of the Year Award (Mindshare Learning).

I am also a very active researcher with my research focussing on Educational Psychology. I primarily research issues related to peer-assessment, critical thinking, engagement, and the effective use of technology for education, and in addition to research I also help create technologies that mobilize effective educational practices.

With my Ph.D. Student Dwayne Pare, I co-developed peerScholar (, an internet-based tool to support the development of critical thought and clear communication in any course context. peerScholar won the 2009 National Technology Innovation Award, and is now a commercial product.

We love to work with educators who would like to pilot our technologies, and occasionally we engage in wide-ranging research projects with global educators. If you would like to be involved in such research, please send me an InMail!

Specialties: Research Ethics, Peer-Assessment, The Effective Use of Technology for Education, Critical Thinking

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