Miguel Abascal

Special guest

Helping Newcomers Thrive Faster! 🚀

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why you're not farther ahead in your career?
If you have, you're not alone.

I am here on a mission to empower individuals like you, to achieve professional success and fast-track your Canadian dream.

As a passionate mentor and coach, my sole focus is on empowering overqualified and underemployed Canadian newcomers. Together, we'll reignite your confidence, secure your ideal job, and embark on a fulfilling Canadian journey. Learn more about my impactful work at www.ThriveFaster.ca.

But why am I so dedicated to this cause?

Let me share my story. As a former executive of a prestigious coffee distribution company in Mexico, I arrived in Canada filled with qualifications, a master’s degree, and years of leadership experience. However, my job search proved to be an overwhelming challenge, leading to five years of survival jobs and a shattered confidence.

I've walked in your shoes, experiencing the same challenges and hardships you are facing right now.
My breakthrough came when I connected with exceptional mentors and coaches who guided me on the path to success. Today, I am living my own Canadian dream, and it fills me with immense joy to pay it forward by assisting hundreds of individuals in finding their ideal jobs faster.

People I've worked with have told me, "In just 20 minutes, I have gained more valuable insights than I have in my last two years in Canada!"

Join me on this transformative journey, and together, we'll retire your survival job and unleash your full potential. It's time to turn your Canadian dream into reality!

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