Hammad Siddiqui

Special guest

Certified Executive Mentor by Collective Brains USA.

I train my global clients such as Senior Executives, Freelancers, Canadian Immigrants to excel on LinkedIn. My cohort based and pre-recorded courses have helped hundreds of LinkedIn users in their career journey. I created LinkedIn Audit tool and growth monitoring tool, written Ebooks on the subject.

My mission is to help my clients expand their professional horizon using LinkedIn as the POWER TOOL.

My services include:

My LinkedIn Coaching is an 4 Weeks intense program, one hour every week live on Zoom with me to learn the art of LinkedIn.

Transform yourself from a SEEKER to A Giver!

My Online Pre-Recorded Course is a great starting point: https://bit.ly/3C7sApU

I have been coaching and mentoring for over 36 years and have worked in 12 countries. University of Life taught me things that are not found in world’s top curriculums. I transformed lives of many and revamped several institutions to spur growth and sustainability.

Worked as Head of Trade & Investment at UK Consulate between 1990 to 2006, promoting British Businesses and private investment. In 2006, joined The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a non-profit affiliate of US Chamber of Commerce.

I traveled and worked in the whole of South Asia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Romania, US and Canada to develop or implement project or to do new business development work or to experience new things!

Exposure to a great course on non-profit management at US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Organization Management provided an excellent boost to my knowledge on non-profit work. I developed and delivered several training programs for Chambers of Commerce (including Women Chambers).

My career took me to places, given exposure to cultures and diversified business environment. Not many get that opportunities. I published two books and third on titled “Putting Your LinkedIn to Work” is in progress.

WhatsApp: +1 289 9804179

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