Anu Yogeswaran

Special guest

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Commit is a motto I live by.

I work as a Business-IT Project Manager in corporations and I also run a coaching program that builds Next Generation Leaders

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As a project manager, I thrive on running business projects where the focus is introducing and implementing new technology. I love building authentic relationships, collaborating with a team, motivating them to stay committed to a challenge and delivering exceptional products and services to clients. I am honored to have worked with some great professionals who have also given me so great references.
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As a trainer, technology enthusiast, client and employee advocate I have had immense success in leading the development & delivery of business and technical solutions in HR Outsourcing, Telecom, Financial Instituations, Property Management and the government.

Customer Success
Learning and Development
Business Analysis
Implementation Management
Project Management
Change Management
Team Building, Coaching and Development
Lean Process Improvements
Resource Allocation and Optimization

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