How gaming helped me get a job Brian Yang - SIWIKE Podcast BY-002 Mentor Corner


November 23rd, 2022

32 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Brian describes how playing a game helped him overcome his depression and lack of confidence. He found nostalgia in the game and began to rebuild his confidence through analyzing, competing, and networking within the game. He eventually used these skills to network and make connections in the real world, leading to a job opportunity. He also emphasized the importance of taking small steps in building confidence and the power of choice in personal development. The game served as a middle ground for them to build their social skills before applying them in real life.

00:00 Intro
12:32 Using gaming to build confidence.
14:18 Networking and building community through gaming
15:22 Analytical and competitive nature in gaming and life
19:36 Transferring lessons from gaming to real life
23:06 Gradual progression in networking and self-improvement

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