Zilun Zhao

Special guest

Zilun Zhao is a Chinese graduate student from University of Toronto, who is passionate about journalism and writing.

I write professional business articles and research GTA industries status quo. Writing business and researching GTA industries feel very fulfilled to me and they prove my career interests and passions. If you are looking for an insight about business or GTA industries, you have found the right person.

Writing an article is a complete work and it requires brainstorming ideas, planning the article structure, researching for the topic, being punctual while writing, being attention to detail and being extremely organized. In one word, the work requires the quality of being professional. This is a very important quality that I possess.

No professional work is easy but I believe in “never give up.” For example, after contacting Apple Inc. 12 times within two weeks, I got a hold of Apple Canada spokesperson when I was writing a story about the company. Another example is I completed the research project that my predecessor could not finish.

Highlights of my past and current works:

EXPERTISE: business writing; researching; video production; marketing; data analysis; communication; Adobe Premiere Pro; Microsoft Office; Google Suite; social media; languages; customer service; literature; technologies; corporate branding strategies; personal branding; interviewing; presentation; public speaking; leadership.

For business inquiries, contact me at: zilunzhao1@gmail.com

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