Sean Mullin

Special guest

I am a storytelling who believes in the power of authenticity and positivity to transform our personal and professional lives. I coach students on the Human skills they don’t get in class. Human skills are critical to building dynamic teams, satisfied customers, and inspired leadership. These skills are not only key to our professional outcomes, but key to meaningful and purpose filled lives.

I am passionate about the growth mindset. With hard work, feedback and resilience, anything is possible. When I reflect on my career so far, its the moments of stretching, of risk taking and failure where the best learning and growth took place. The times where I failed that I learned the most. I live for the stretch. Its where I find my best self.

I tell stories and coach others to do the same. Storytelling is how me make sense of the world. Its how we speak to each other. We don’t share the same experiences, but we do share the same emotions. If we hope to motivate others to act, we need to connect with them. Stories make us feel. When we feel we connect. When we connect, we inspire action.

Career paths are never linear. Mine zig zags more than most as I followed passion for travel, teaching, cooking, recruitment and presenting. From Canada to Korea to China and back again, one thing has always stayed true. I love teaching, coaching and mentoring. I am incredibly grateful I trusted my gut and now find myself doing all of those things in my current role with CPA Ontario and as a freelance soft skills facilitator.

When I am not travelling, playing sports or sharing my passion for food and cooking with loved ones, I am nurturing relationships. In Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" he makes a profound point that if you want to be interesting, be interested. A simple shift in mindset from promoting yourself to prioritizing the other person in a conversation, has made all the difference in my relationship building. People don’t buy products or services, they buy relationships, authenticity and stories.

Now I put that expertise to work as a facilitator and recruiter. Through public speaking, skills coaching student advisement and engagement, I deliver dynamic and fun workshops, while mentoring professionals on how to market themselves and make connections.

If you are interested in talking food, travel, business or career growth, please feel free to reach out with a message or contact request.

I look forward to connecting!

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