Rachelle Du Muy

Special guest

Hey 👋 I'm Rachelle (ruh-SHELL). I'm a Senior Consultant in Deloitte's Workplace Experience team, and I post weekly LinkedIn career content for young professionals.

🌱How to Connect: If you would like to connect, please send me a note in your connection request & include something new you've learned recently ✨

🎓 I have an MSc in International Management (CEMS) from Ivey Business School and a BSc in Mathematics & Statistics from Concordia University.

🌎 I am presently based in Montreal, however throughout my academic and professional career, I have had the opportunity to study & work abroad in 7 countries (Canada, UK, Spain, USA, Nicaragua, Australia, Austria).

☕ I am currently a Mentor for the Ivey MSc Women in Management | Alumni Mentorship Program.

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All of my posts, comments and messages reflect my personal opinion.

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