Katherine Chong

Special guest

Offering mostly-free advice! For a small donation to causes I care about, you'll get an hour of my time: https://calendly.com/chat-with-katherine/coffee-chat

Before starting my sabbatical, I was a Director of Products at an EdTech startup. After a 10-year career there, I decided I wanted to take a pause and build a life where I can help people through deep conversations and the type of leadership I wanted when I ran into rough patches.

Currently the founding product manager and employee #1 at Mergeflo, I decided to dive right back into the space I love so much, start-ups. Feel free to chat with me about this as I geek out about M&As and the challenges integration teams face.

Since my sabbatical started June 2021, I've conversed with 300+ people from around the world with the conversations ranging from

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