Jenn Gaudette

Special guest

As both a career coach and a health coach, I operate at the intersection of these two universes. My personal mission is to help others make work healthy, whether that means changing roles, work habits, beliefs about work or building new skills sets, my goal is to help you upgrade your work life.

I initially set out in my career to "save the world" because reducing waste, converting to community-owned renewable energy systems and shifting unsustainable behaviours seemed like a noble cause that I could easily get behind. Unfortunately, 12 years in this sector led to burnout and I couldn't go back. What I learned was that a prerequisite to making changes for the planet was to have our (think Maslow's hierarchy) basic needs covered first. What became clear was that the higher up on the triangle to self-actualization, the more capacity we have to make changes in our world.

This experience drove my career pivot to HR and ultimately career coaching. I had always been fascinated by the experience of work and how directly it affects our health. I spent years diving deep into learning and wellness practices; became a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer among other modalities. All roads led me to coaching, where my superpower of connecting dots meets my passion for helping people align their work with who they authentically are, and supporting this great life experiment.

If you are feeling lost at sea, having career-related health challenges or in need of a career upgrade and want to make it a healthy one, reach out and maybe I can support you.
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