Drew Sisera

Special guest

With a Dean's Honours degree in Speech Communication from The University of Waterloo, I am a dedicated Canadian entrepreneur and digital nomad. Managing my own online coaching business, I specialize as an ESL communications coach for young adults and working professionals, with a focus on conversation fluency, public speaking abilities, accent reduction and articulation.

My services are sought after by students from South East Asia, particularly in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. These students are eager to improve English listening skills and develop intercultural communication competences. My coaching aims at building relationships and enhancing communication clarity.

As a globetrotting coach, I travel to various countries, immersing myself in local communities to market my expertise. I actively engage in workshops at local high schools. Recently, my work in Taiwan garnered recognition as I was featured in the news for conducting successful sessions at several schools.

I am also a musician with a published song on Apple Music and Spotify. I possess photography skills and maintain an impressive portfolio. Furthermore, I teach accredited Canadian high school classes to Taiwanese students, enabling them to directly enroll in Canadian universities, as well as select universities in the US and UK upon graduation.

My ultimate goal is to help individuals be understood, regardless of their native tongue or ethnicity. I implement an activity-based curriculum that serves as a templated starting point, while ensuring each student receives a highly personalized experience tailored to their specific communication and English language skills. Active participation is encouraged, and together, we refine their responses and challenge them to rectify errors, enabling them to communicate effectively in the real world. Deep reflection and the formulation of well-constructed opinions are also encouraged.

In addition to workshops, I offer a service called "Free Talk Phone Call" where students engage in natural phone conversations. I provide feedback reflecting how a listener would respond in a natural conversation, highlighting areas for improvement. We address grammatical errors and encourage the reapplication of corrected sentences.

To support my clients further, I leverage revolutionary AI tools to measure metrics and assess strengths and weaknesses. This enables me to provide detailed feedback as their communication skills improve, while integrating technology with learning to facilitate tangible growth and progress comprehension.

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