Cory Chadwick

Special guest

Hi, I'm Cory Chadwick, a proud dad, husband, and the Founder/CEO of The Mental Gym – a place helping progressive leaders, teams, and organizations show up at their best where it matters most, creating a ripple effect that makes everyone better.

By combining personal development, proactive mental wellbeing, and meaningful conversation in live, interactive group workouts, your people grow as individuals and leaders, get mentally fit, and truly connect with each other – not just as a team, as people.

So many leaders, aspiring leaders, and high-performers are highly functional but they want to be better. At work, at home, they want to show up and perform at their best – they also want to feel great and love their lives – but they can’t because they’re stressed, feel disconnected, and are burning out.

They say they’re “fine”, not quite burnt out yet, but they’re burning. On a scale from 1-10, they’re holding onto a 6 instead of Living Their 10.

Status quo isn’t a strategy. Your people deserve a modern, proactive solution that’s relevant to them and dramatically improves their lives… as well as retention, engagement, and DEI&B.

Just like we have gyms for our bodies, The Mental Gym is for your mind.

Trainer led workouts bring teams together like nothing else. We challenge you to think differently and grow while building the practical tools, skills, habits, and mindset to feel great, perform, and show up at your best.

The energy is inspiring. The space is safe and inclusive. It’s more than prevention, it’s about good to great.

Your people will love the workouts and love how it changes their lives.

If you’re a progressive leader or organization who genuinely cares about your people, try a workout for yourself, or with your team. Your first one’s on us.

Message me here on LinkedIn or email: and let’s talk about your people.

Live Your 10,

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