Abraham Wairisal

Special guest

Personal mission: Accelerating transition to Net-Positive Energy and Net-Negative Carbon in Canada's residential single-family home built environment. We have the technology to do this now, why wait until 2050?

Natural Resources Canada experienced Registered Energy Advisor and Quality Assurance Specialist, contact me if you would like to join me in this fast-growing workforce. Passionate about educating homeowners on energy efficiency upgrades in their homes and providing clear, detailed retrofit scope of work for builders/renovators.

Connector of people, I believe in the power of a purpose-driven community. If one person can produce 1X of impact, connecting two similar minded peoples can produce not 2X or 5X but 10X, i.e. the impact within a community is an exponential growth based on the number of people in the community.

If you have the same mission and values as I do, I would love to hear from you, please send me a LinkedIn message to request for a virtual coffee chat!

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